Day of the Dead Art: Catrina from Michoacan

Ancestral Huichol Art: Traditional & visionary Yarn Painting Art

Fine Oaxacan Wood Carvings: Alebrijes from Oaxaca

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The expresion of a people’s culture….

Folklore Bazaar is a Mexican Folk Art Gallery, which presents the beauty, diversity, joy and richness of Mexican Culture. Our Gallery exposes a great variety of arts and crafts from all over the Mexican Republic.

You will find simple crafts to museums quality artworks. It is important to underline that all the pieces are 100% handmade, generally confectioned by artisan families who have perpetuated the family tradition and savoir-faire from generation to generation!

Come and enjoy our selection of Mexican artworks!! And help us spread the Mexican cultural inheritance!!

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Fine Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Hand-carved and hand-painted wooden figures from little villages located a few kilometers from Oaxaca City. Most of the carvings represent real or imaginary creatures painted with colorful tones and splendid patterns. Even though the artisans have a preference for Copal wood in their artwork, they may also use Grapefruit, Cedar or Pine.

Huichol or Wixarika Native Art

Two main expressions of this art are the beaded crafts and the yarn paintings.
The Huichol are an indigenous community who mainly lives in the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Jalisco and Nayarit States. Originally, their art served religious and mystical motives, as every objet they created was used as offering to their gods in rituals and ceremonies.


Created by the Mexican artisan Pedro Linares in the 1930’s, the Alebrijes are paper mache handcrafts that represent imaginary creatures that emerge from a mixture between real and fictional animals. The alebrijes are distinguished by their vibrant and surprising colors schemes.

Mexican Pottery

Among our selection of pottery, we offer Mata Ortiz Pottery; which is one of the finest potteries in the world, due to the complexity of the creation process and their innovative designs. There are several sources of inspiration for the decoration of the Ollas: motifs from Paquimé culture, Mimbres style pottery and petroglyphs of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

Day of the Dead Art

One of the traditions for the “Day of the Dead” in Mexico is making an altar and giving offerings to the Spirits who will return on November 1st and 2nd. There are multiple art representations referring to this very special tradition, such as the Catrina, which has become a symbol of this day. The skull is also one of the most popular figures of the “Day of the Dead”.

More Folklore…

One of the characteristic of Mexican Folk Art is its immense variety; diversity in raw materials, creation processes and artworks. However each craft shares one common element: the deep dedication and passion of the artists combined with their desire to excel. Take a look at different art from all over the Mexican Republic.

Outstanding Elephant Wood Carving

This magnificient wood carving elephant is a wonderful example of Mexican Folk Art! It has such an elegant stance and is perfectly painted with a great use of color combinations and great attention to details!

A celebration to life

Spectacular Polychrome Clay Sculpture from Izucar de Matamoros. The main theme of this beautiful craft is Life after Death. The monarch butterflies, known for making journey from Canada to Western Central Mexico each year symbolize the spirits of the departed who come back to visit their families and loved ones on November 1st and 2sd.

Frida Kahlo as Inspiration for Folk Art

Mexican folk art prides itself on representing the culture and traditions and everyday life both past and present . Therefore it is not surprising that much of Mexican folk art is inspired by Frida Kahlo, not only her art but also her personality, her way of dressing...

Eleazar Morales Wood Carvings

Eleazar Morales is a renowned artist from Oaxaca a state in Mexico were rival wood carvers compete for the title of best sculptor. He is undoubtedly one of the best, and his artwork is known throughout the world. Eleazar Morales creates whimsical animals and figures...

Day of the Dead & Day of the Dead Art

Day of the Dead (el Día de Muertos) is a Mexican celebration that is traditionally honored over a three-day holiday that starts on October 31st and ends on November 2nd, although in most places in Mexico, only November 2nd is fully commemorated. We often recognize...

Folklore Malecon
Paseo Díaz Ordaz #732 Colonia Centro, PV.

Folklore Olas Altas
Olas Altas #433, Emiliano Zapata, PV

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