A pearl of Mexican Folk Art!

A pearl of Mexican Folk Art!

Among the various Mexican Folk Art pieces we exhibit in our Folklore Bazaar galleries, you can find some works of Saulo Moreno’s family. Passionate and very dedicated, Saulo Moreno created a style of his own, inventing a new form of Mexican Folk Art, baptized by himself “Alambroide”. The name “Alambroide” is inspired from science fiction books from Russian author Isaac Asimov, that S. Moreno loved to read. This name is composed of the word “alambre” which means wire in Spanish. This specific technique of “Alambroide” consists in designing sculptures with wire and then coating them, increasing or enhancing their volume using paper and glue bases.

Master Saulo Moreno Hernandez was born in Mexico City in 1933. Since a very young age, S. Moreno felt attracted by the artistic sphere; he was especially fond of drawing and reading. He did not have more than 8 years, when he used to walk the streets of the Roma neighborhood; He would stop and stand in front of some carpentry shop, in hopes they would give away small pieces of wood. During his walks, he followed the bus route and on the sidewalks, he would pick up pieces of cardboard, cloves and wire. The first trials of sculptures he created were made of these materials found on the streets or buildings under construction and wire that covered the old milk bottles.

Who would have guessed that these creations would one day give birth to the famous “Alambroide”, which would acquire an international reputation? As a child, S. Moreno dedicated various hours to elaborate his figures on a daily basis. He carefully kept all his creations in boxes under his bed, so his family nicknamed him the mouse. He loved to spend long periods in the most extended markets of Mexico City, La Merced, where he learnt his first lessons on colors where lights, crafts, flowers, fruits, odors coexist.

His particular vision he built over the years came from the observance of everyday life into his urban adventures, throughout the city markets and streets. As S. Moreno will explain later, everything he saw in his walk through the markets was his first academy.
If S. Moreno worked as painter for storefronts, assistant carpenter, he decided to retake the road of creation. In his efforts to learn, he took classes of grabado for one year. From then he started to create large paintings with surrealistic themes linked to the world of dreams and the unconscious. He continued to persevere in mastering his techniques of “Alambroides” and started participating in expositions first collective then individual, among Arte Fantastico in Paris, The Los Angeles County Fair in California, Arte Popular Mexicano en Kioto… Since then S. Moreno is recognized internationally for his incredible talent and creativity!

All his work is created in total detachment from conventional standards and logic. Through more than 50 years of creation and innovation, S. Moreno has forged a unique style. His Calaveritas, Little skulls are playful: some of them smile at the spectators; others make fun of them with their rows of white teeth! S. Moreno wants to remind the spectator that with Life, Death is also created. Regarding the animals he creates, they can only exist in the world of imagination and dreams. The artist creates such creatures to allow us, only humans, access to these worlds. Much of his work presents some aspects of Surrealism, the French cultural movement founded in 1924, in which they use visual imagery from the subconscious mind to create art without the intention of logical comprehensibility.

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