About us

Folklore Puerto Vallarta

Through our journeys across the Mexican Republic, we have been amazed by the incredible diversity and richness of Mexican Folk Art: its colors, originality, uniqueness, humor, the mix of traditional methods with contemporary design; and the list of praises could go on and on! By Mexican Folk Art, we mainly refer to handcrafts created by artisans, members of indigenous groups or more generally people who did not follow a traditional artistic academic career.

Our intention is to share with you our favorite Mexican Folk Art pieces and to provide you with an interesting overview of this art. As you will notice, Mexico has some of the richest Folk Art in terms of crafts, raw materials and themes. Geographic and Historical factors are at the origin of this diversity. Mexico has an extended terrain with varying climates and subcultures. There is a variety of landscapes; desert, beach, mountain, jungle and more. There are over 72 dialects from various different native tongues. Many regions are remote and thus helped preserve the cultural heritage.

Each piece we select is handmade; some have a creation process that can take up to 7 months. There is no assembly lines, everything is created by hand with patience, creativity, determination experienced technique and pride, with a process that guarantees that each piece is unique and one of a kind.

It is important to underline that we personally handpick each piece we exhibit in our galleries, ensuring the authenticity of every product. We also directly buy all of our pieces from Mexican artisan families helping to support local families and economies, sometimes located in distant lands. The direct relationship with the artisans allows us to have a specific and detailed knowledge about the creation process, the meaning of the crafts, anecdotes, and of course the artists themselves!

Another aspect we admire about Mexican folk art is the place the Family takes in the creation process. Most of the pieces we exhibit in our galleries are not the result of the work of just one person but come from the efforts of all the family members: each of them plays an active role in the creation process and has his own area of excellence! The creation of handcrafts is usually a family tradition, in which children are immersed since an early age. They are not only spectators but are involved in the creation process, even helping with easy tasks. The savoir-faire and family skills are transmitted from generation to generation!