Eleazar Morales Wood Carvings

Eleazar Morales is a renowned artist from Oaxaca a state in Mexico were rival wood carvers compete for the title of best sculptor. He is undoubtedly one of the best, and his artwork is known throughout the world. Eleazar Morales creates whimsical animals and figures that are so lifelike they are celebrated throughout the country. He started at an early age and has now perfected his craft to become a creator of masterpieces.

Eleazar Morales
Eleazar Morales creates wood carvings that evoke reality and fantasy. He is able to carve the wood in such a way as to bring it to life. Some wood carvings you may have seen can be static and lifeless, simply colourful wood, however Eleazar Morales shows movement and life through the shapes and colors he chooses to use. It may be the eyes that are painted in a way that makes you feel you’re being followed or watched. It could be the twist in a cat’s back creating a turning or running action. The colours are often vibrant and magical to look at.

Eleazar Morales uses a type of wood called Copal which is more pliable. He spends time chiselling down the wood when it is wet and softer for truly spectacular wood carvings. He also keeps the spare pieces wrapped in the refrigerator to keep its condition. He works with machetes, axes and small knives and sands down the pieces to create the character of the sculptures. The smaller pieces of art are more authentic as they are from a single piece of wood whereas the larger pieces are generally made using various pieces of wood.

There is little to understand why Eleazar Morales has become so famous for his wood carvings. These are wood carvings like no other available in galleries all over Mexico and the United states. Eleazar Morales also does private commissions for the perfect gift or addition to one’s house.

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  1. I love the sculptures made by Mr. Morales. Being a collector of hippo figurines I especially love his hippos.

    Wishes from grand velas los cabos


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