Mexican Art Gallery

Mexican Art Gallery

Art in all its expressions is a huge part of any culture, and though Mexico is no different it is certainly a more intense and unique example of how arts and crafts are tied inexorably to the cultures from which they spring. Mexican art can be seen as part of the psyche of the Mexican people, an expression of a colorful and rich heritage.

Here at Folklore Bazaar, a quality Mexican art gallery in Puerto Vallarta, we collect the very best examples of regional folk arts and handicrafts from various parts of the Mexican Republic. Our friendly Mexican art galleries, of which we have three, can be found in various locations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and are known for having the most vibrant, colorful and captivating examples of Mexican Folk art in the area.

What is Mexican Art and Mexican Folk Art?
The meaning of “folk art” can change depending upon the person using it and the context in which it is being used, but here at Folklore Bazaar we have one very specific view of what folk art, and in particular Mexican art, is. When we say folk art, we mean collectable handicrafts and artworks which have been created by Mexican artists, artisans and/or craftsmen using traditional methods and materials. Most of these craftsmen and artists come from indigenous groups and use methods passed down to them; the focus is not on art degrees, but on heart, talent and creativity. Whether you’d like to invest in some Huichol beaded jewellery or some Mata Ortiz pottery then you’re on the right website.

The Finest Mexican Art just for you
The staff of the Folklore Bazaar Mexican art gallery travel across Mexico in search of the most unique, stunning and innovative folk art from local artists. The great thing about Mexican art is that each and every craftsman or artist puts their own stamp on each piece, so though they use traditional methods and materials each piece is entirely unique. The Mexican Republic is a stunningly diverse place which has over 65 recognized indigenous languages and many different cultures all mixed together in one country, and at Folklore Bazaar we try to represent this diversity in our Mexican art gallery.

Quality and Authenticity
We take real pride in being able to provide art lovers with only the very best handmade pieces and Mexican art, some of which have taken months to create! Our staff personally handpick each piece and only ever deal directly with the artists themselves so you can be sure that you’re getting the real thing. The other upside to this is that by buying directly from the artists and craftsmen we can help to support their communities, and in the long run ensure that these wonderful pieces of art continue to be made. All of our pieces are as unique as the people who made them!

International Shipping
If you’ve fallen in love with a sculpture, piece of jewellery or painting that you’ve seen on this website then contact us; we’re happy to arrange international shipping for people who live in the United States or Canada. You could also arrange to come see us at our Mexican art gallery; we can take private appointments with people who want to know everything about our pieces. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to be in Puerto Vallarta, pop in to see us at one of our three galleries: two are located on the Malcon and one is in Old Town,

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