Mexican Folk Art Gallery

Mexican Folk Art Gallery

Folklore Bazaar – The expression of a people’s culture…

Welcome to Folklore Bazaar, a friendly Mexican folk art gallery located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico dedicated to the most exquisite Mexican artworks and crafts. Mexico’s folk art is a collectors dream, brimming with colors, sacred significance, age-old techniques and plenty of character. If you have arrived to our Mexican folk art gallery blog, then you probably agree with us that Mexico’s folk art is one of the most captivating in the world.

What is Mexican Folk Art?
For us, when we refer to Mexican folk art, we are talking about those collectable handicrafts created by Mexican craftsmen, artisans and artists from indigenous groups who still use the traditional methods when they create their work – no traditional education in fine art, no assembly lines, just a lot of heart and natural talent. Most Mexican folk art is regional, and you will find that specific areas of Mexico are highly talented at specific techniques. At Folklore Bazaar Mexican folk art gallery you can purchase all sorts of folk art including Huichol art from the indigenous tribes who live very close to Puerto Vallarta, Oaxacan arts and crafts, Talavera pottery and Mata Ortiz collectables amongst other fine Mexican folk art.


The Finest Mexican Folk Art just for you
To make sure that our Mexican folk art gallery is stocked with only the finest and most original Mexican folk art, we travel throughout the Mexican Republic in constant search of the most talented and innovative Mexican folk artists, selecting only the best pieces. We just love the diversity and richness that we find, each craftsman adds his or her colors, humor and originality to age old traditions. It is our mission to share our favorite pieces of Mexican folk art from our travels which extend throughout the various climates, sub cultures and terrains of Mexico. With more than 60 recognized languages in Mexico and many remote communities, Mexico is a rich source of cultural heritage.

Quality and Authenticity
We pride ourselves that our Mexican Folk art gallery is stocked with only handmade pieces, some of which have taken more than 6 months to create, to ensure that your purchase is guaranteed to be one of a kind. We personally handpick each piece we show in our three Mexican folk art galleries in Puerto Vallarta and we buy directly from the artisans, supporting local communities. Having such a direct contact with the artists means that we can ensure authenticity and can also tell you about some of the artists and their families.

International Shipping
If you would like to purchase any of the items you see on the website, contact us so that we may give you a quote as well as arrange shipping for you. You may also like to contact us to arrange an appointment to visit our gallery, although you are always welcome to simply stop by the gallery any day of the week without an appointment. We have three galleries, two are located on the Malecon boardwalk with a third in Old Town, Olas Altas.

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