Mexican Folk Art

Mexican Folk Art

The fascination with Mexican folk art is a worldwide phenomenon; even art collectors who have not had the chance to visit Mexico recognize both its artistic as well as cultural importance. There is something so universally appealing about the colorful and creative Mexican traditions.

What is Mexican Folk Art?
An accurate description of Mexican folk art is more complex than you might think, including a variety of objects, handicrafts, pieces of furniture, ceramics, wall hangings textiles and more besides, made from various naturally occurring materials. The emergence of Mexican folk art as a distinctive art collector’s category is relatively recent, and many of the pieces now considered valuable pieces of Mexican folk art were first made for utilitarian purposes or for sacred rituals.

Another common name given to Mexican folk art is the Spanish word “artesanias” which is the name given to merchandise made using traditional methods and not in factories, most of which would be totally handmade from natural materials. While many argue that Mexican folk art is much more specialized and artistic than the term “artesanias” suggests, the two are often used synonymously. For sure, here at Folklore Bazar, we select artworks, objects, ceramics and textiles that we consider to be representative of Mexican folk art in its most decorative and specialized form, and work hard to distinguish between the difference between regular artesanias and what we consider art.

Types of Mexican Folk Art
The kinds of pieces that are considered to be worthy of the title Mexican folk art include items such as ceramics (Talavera, Mata Ortiz), both purely decorative as well as utilitarian; metalwork (hojalata) which crafts artworks from thin metal sheets (traditionally gold, silver and copper – now a days tin is more common); intricate weaving and tapestries; Huichol beaded artwork and jewelry; leatherwork; ceremonial objects; leatherwork, handcrafted toys, painted wooden animals (alebrijes), wall hangings and folk charms (milagros), amongst others.

So, next time you visit Puerto Vallarta, come and visit us at Folklore Bazar and let us take you on a journey through Mexico’s finest traditions and folk art, or order online for international shipping.

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