Mexican Handicrafts

Mexican Handicrafts

Mexican Handicrafts have become somewhat of a phenomenon worldwide; the colorful, vibrant and creative creations are recognized for their cultural and artistic importance. Even art collectors note the universally appealing nature of the artworks made in Mexico.

What are Mexican Handicrafts?
Describing Mexican Handicrafts accurately is much more complex than you might think because the term covers a variety of things including furniture, ceramics, textiles, jewellery and, of course, paintings and sculptures. Nonetheless Mexican Handicrafts are now a recognised category of art which art collectors can invest in. Most of the really valuable items in these collections are practical items designed originally for specific purposes like serving food and sacred rituals.

mexican handicraftsAnother word which is commonly used to describe Mexican Handicrafts is a Spanish one: artesanias. The term artesanias describes items and merchandise made via traditional methods, i.e. not made in a factory, and from handmade, or entirely natural materials. Many people do argue, however, that Mexican Handicrafts is so much more than that, so much more than the limited term “artisanias” allows for. Nonetheless the terms are pretty much used interchangeably. Here at Folklore Bazaar we pick artworks, ceramics, textiles, and objects that we believe to be representative of Mexican Handicrafts on the whole. We also work hard to distinguish between “artesanias” and what the world at large considers as art in the purest sense of the word.

Types of Mexican Handicrafts
There are very specific objects, items and styles that can be considered Mexican Handicrafts. This list includes things like ceramics, including Talavera and Mata Ortiz (whether decorative or utilitarian) metalwork (hojalata), which tends to be entirely decorative works of art, and intricately weaved tapestries and textiles. There are also more local creations like Huichol artwork and jewellery, or leatherwork, handmade toys, alebrijes which are painted wooden animals, ceremonial objects, wall hangings and folk charms.

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